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In this beginner-friendly guide to understanding the Norse faith, you will discover: A detailed guide to what it takes to be a Norse Paganist - explore the world of Norse traditions, beliefs, mystical practices, and more. A brief history and the origin of the Nordic Pagan practices - unravel the rise and fall of the Viking people as you trace their history and explore their unusual traditions. A thrilling dive into Norse cosmology - follow in the footsteps of Odin and see how the universe, the nine realms, and the world tree came into being. Norse Sagas at your fingertips - travel with Thor, revel in the beauty of Freya, and play tricks with Loki as you explore a plethora of fascinating gods and goddesses. Elves, dwarves, trolls, giants, and many magical creatures and monsters in a comprehensive Norse bestiary. Runic Magic 101 - uncover the magic and mysticism of ancient runic symbols. The cycle of birth and death and how it shaped the Viking culture. How to practice your beliefs while living in modern times - discover a complete framework to becoming a Norse Pagan

And much more. Paperback.

Guide to Norse Paganism

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